We would like to take this opportunity to focus on honoring some of our advisors and mentors that have been gracious with their time, investments, and insights over the years.

Our Board of Advisors

Dave Leusink

CEO of a successful software company with products particularly focused in government sectors. Dave provides insights on the operations and sales side of software companies

Perry Kinkaide

Previously named one of the 10 most influential Albertan's, leader at ABCTech, and a well known disrupter and change agent within both government industry association circles. Especially passionate in biotech and cleantech areas. Perry provides an understanding of how to approach change within large institutions.

Ram Singh

Respected business person heavily into real estate investing. He has witnessed the lifecycle of numerous businesses across many industries and is well known to operate on a "my word is my bond" mode. Ram provides a valuable view of universal business themes.

Pawel Brzeminski

Successful serial software entrepreneur who has experienced the spectrum from grass-roots innovations to successful exits. Especially experienced within the insurance and financial services sectors. Pawel provides a fresh perspective on new-economy scalability.

Our Trusted Health Services Advisory Board Members

Dr. Louis Francescutti

An emergency department physician, a university professor, an international speaker, Past-President of the Canadian Medical Association, and Past-President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Francescutti has spent more than two decades delivering one single message: Live Smart.

Dr. Manuel Lowenhaupt

Dr. Manuel Lowenhaupt is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Health and Public Service Practice and the North American Clinical Transformation Practice Leader. He is internationally noted for his work in clinical informatics, care management, and performance improvement and is certified as a HIT Pro Consultant. In 2012, he was the winner of the Global Ken Ernst Award for Strategy & Innovation.

Peter Flynn

Peter has held numerous board positions including for Epcor, the Capital Region Housing Corporation, Fort Edmonton Foundation, Plutonic Power Corporation, and the Balancing Pool of Alberta, a part of the Alberta electricity system. Peter was also University of Alberta's Poole Chair in Management for Engineers for 12 years.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Thomas Stachura, CEO

Extroverted serial entrepreneur with decades of experience mixing software and business. After mastering technical skills in software development and architecture, his hands-on experience has spanned the spectrum from business analyst to sales manager.

Patrick Earl, COO

Introverted world champion software developer and formerly the lead software architect for multiple companies. Well respected by countless developers as a technical master, he now brings his detail-oriented approach and high standards to the operations of Pleasant.

Hope Earl, CFO

Ever evolving from competitive mathematics champion to software developer and on to CMA, Hope has an intimate understanding of the financial side of software enterprise, honed by the many perspectives she has taken on.

Graham Nelson
BridgeGateData, Subsidiary CEO

Combining 10 years of experience in startups with degrees in Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering, Graham successfully brings together deep technical understanding with strategic market insight.

Gordon Francis
Trusted Health Services, Subsidiary CEO

Gordon's industry experience spans more than 25 years and includes the technology development, aerospace, energy and mining sectors. Gordon has spent the past decade in the health sector where he has led numerous transformational initiatives from both the private and public perspectives.