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Server-Side Password Management

  • Choice of access via many devices and methods:
    • KeePass Client (Windows desktop)
    • Browser Web Client
    • Apps for Android and iOS devices
  • Administrator control over access to single passwords or folders
  • Administrator control over company-defined set of hierarchical user roles (grouping users into roles)
  • Centralized policies/configuration (optionally mandate what a group of user's client settings should be)
  • Copy role and password access function makes user default allocation simple
  • Credit card information, Sin numbers, product keys and passwords, and even files can all be safely stored.
  • Import and export capability
  • Backup and restore capability

High Security

Security Measure External Internal
Passwords always stored in the server database, never locally Yes! Yes!
Secure SSL connection to server: 128-bit SSL certificate Yes! Yes!
Database is encrypted using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES256 encryption algorithm Yes! Yes!
SHA-512 Hashing Algorithm Yes! Yes!
In-Memory Passwords Protection: Passwords are encrypted in memory while KeePass is running Yes! Yes!
Two-Factor authentication allows for increased system access security Yes! Yes!
Clipboard Clearing: After a few seconds of using a password, the clipboard is automatically cleared Yes!
Server within your Intranet: You can run the database without any access outside of your company walls Yes!

Read more about FIPS Compliance.

Compare Editions

Feature Standard Enterprise Enterprise+
Sharing Secrets
Share secured secrets like passwords, data and sensitive information
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Manage Users
Manually create/delete/edit/disable users, assign roles, change passwords, etc.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Manage Roles
Create roles, assign permissions and/or select sub-roles
Yes! Yes! Yes!
KeePass for Pleasant Password Server
Download for KeePass utilizes the highly secure and user friendly KeePass manager interface
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Web-based Access
Access credentials easily through the web client
Yes! Yes! Yes!
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Client-Side Password Access

  • Web Client allows for user access outside the office and with any operating system
  • Easy to use and familiar interface used by millions
  • Only one Master Password is required to remembered by the user
  • Most features of KeePass are supported: continue to use your favorite plug-ins
  • Over 40 language translations available
  • Strong security, including automatic clipboard erase
  • Strong random password generator
  • Import / export from existing database
  • Searching and sorting
  • Auto-type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag & Drop
  • Time fields and entry attachments
  • View password history in web client
  • Mobile access with Android and iOS apps

Time Saving

  • Eliminate lost time on retrieval of forgotten passwords
  • Active Directory / LDAP function allows for quick user import through the “Auto Import Enabled” setting and auto account creation for users on first user login
  • Setting access levels for roles rather than individual users and then assign roles to users
  • Client Configuration allows configuration settings to be easily set and enforced
  • No extensive training required

Cost Saving

  • Reduce password retrieval or reset costs managed by a help desk by 40% or more
  • Improved productivity and downtime throughout the organization
  • Reduce administrative costs with much greater access and controls
  • Quick capabilities for new user setup or lapsed user disconnection
  • Sharing of Passwords across teams is quick and simple

Policy Enforcement

  • Establish Password policies that can be enforced
  • Ensure accountability of every access point to sensitive data with logging tool
  • Implement defined configurations that ensure policy adherence
  • Access Levels definition enables variable settings that can easily be assigned to Roles or Users

Widely Accessible

  • Web Client enables access through the internet (Any internet connected device can access Pleasant Password Server including smart phone, tablets, and home computers)
  • Native Windows client (Keepass)
  • Native Android and iOS mobile apps

Well Supported

  • Free Upgrades and Support for one year.
  • Video tutorials explain key features and setup, so you’re up and running fast
  • Customized implementation and maintenance is available through local partners

Incredible Value

  • Best price in the market, with only a one-time fee
  • No-risk, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Server's System Requirements

  • Vista, 7 or 8
  • Server 2008 or 2012

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