Pleasant Password Server is an award winning multi-user server for the KeePass Password Safe, one of the most popular password management systems in the world.

Large enterprises and small businesses have full control over the password database running on your own in-house servers, over the administration of who can access specific passwords and secrets, and over the enforcement of your security policies. Here's what you get with the server:

  • Secure
  • Trusted
  • Award Winning
  • Affordable
  • In Your Control, on Your Server

Compatible With:

KeePass Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Opera Safari
Android Phones iPhones

Trusted By Thousands

Our system is trusted globally by both small businesses and large companies with thousands of users, including those with rigorous needs.

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A variety of industries make use of Pleasant Password Server, and their satisfaction, confirms our focus in helping you achieve your requirements hassle-free and move on:

  • Government Agencies
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Hospitals
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Universities
  • Manufacturing
  • and more...
“The Pleasant Password Server is the perfect solution for our environment to secure and manage credentials. We especially love the enterprise level features..”
Jeremy Crawford, COO, MLS Listings, USA
"We had tested other password managers in the past, but they could not meet the specifications that your product has."
Jonathan Ingram, Systems Administrator, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings America, Inc., Japan
"Pleasant Solutions Keepass server has transformed our password management strategy by allowing our entire team to safely update many passwords simultaneously."
Robert Vance, Focus Corporation, Canada
"Pleasant Password Server has streamlined the cumbersome task of password management in a secure and efficient manner. I highly recommend this product."
Todd Walters, Director of I.T., DelGrosso Foods, Inc., USA
"Not only are we able to keep track of our sensitive information; but the ease of installing a client and giving permissions is a snap. Ditch the spreadsheets, get this product."
Robert Cuttle, IT Manager, Kreis Enderle Attorneys at Law
"I was happy to find this product and remain very happy to continue using it."
Ali Nizameddine, CTO, Payza, Montreal, Canada
Other Happy Clients:
  • U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management
  • U.S. Department of Energy, specific department unnamed
  • Xerox Business Services
  • Kastle Systems (USA)
  • West Virginia Public Broadcasting
  • Rogue Federal Credit Union (Oregon)
  • Centre College (Kentucky)
  • Bond-Pro (USA, Canada)
  • The Wren Group, Inc. (Georgia)
  • Educomm Kommunikációs Bt. (Hungary)
  • o.s.i.s.a. GmbH (Switzerland)
  • ACEA GmbH (Germany)
  • Endemol (Netherlands)

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Extensive Features

Visit the feature list for an extensive list of features from core security features like encryption to enterprise necessities like ActiveDirectory integration.

Password Proxy

This innovative add-on allows you to provide employees with access to passwords for logging into any required websites, but prevents the employees from ever seeing the passwords or being able to copy them. For more information about Password Proxy, click here.

Hosted and Custom Solutions

Most of our customers prefer to host their sensitive information within their own intranet and own servers. However, if you would like to be quoted for a fully managed and hosted solution, please contact us for additional information on those options. We are also able to custom integrate into other systems or build custom features for your specific needs. And if you are looking for local support, check out our map of locations where our partner services can provide you onsite support for your specific needs